Brigette Romanek

Photo Credit: Ye Rin Mok
Photo Credit: Ye Rin Mok

Brigette Romanek is the founder of Romanek Design Studio, an LA-based firm that specializes in fresh and exciting design concepts for residential and commercial clients. Brigette is a self-taught designer who relies on instinct and her years spent traveling and reading prolifically. We chatted about finding inspiration and focus in 2020.

Paint a picture for us – life in 2020:

Brigette: It’s a historic time in many ways. It’s an unknown time and a time to be grateful. 2020 is showing us who we are and who we can be.

What kinds of projects is your office currently undertaking? Have they experienced shifts in the type or quantity of work you’ve been doing as this year has evolved on many fronts?

Brigette: We’re busy with more residential work than anything else right now because people are at home so it’s more important than ever. People are getting the chance to really live in their spaces, giving them a chance to absorb it and consider which changes can be made to make it perfect.

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Congratulations on your first cover of Architectural Digest featuring the home of Misty Copeland, which you and your team designed. Can you tell us about that project?

Brigette: Yes! Misty and Olu were heaven to work with. They had a clear direction and we went for it – creating a calming home where they can relax while still having fun with the design. We used deep, rich colors for the living room fabrics, but also some easy subtle color play in the bedrooms. In the end, we think it looks super cool.

You design timeless rooms that defy trends. Art plays a role in this. Are there any contemporary artists whose work is speaking to you, especially now?

Brigette: So many! Lorna Simpson, Malick Sidibe, Kerry James Marshall, Amoako Boafo and more.

With the struggles toward racial justice front and center, what helps keep you inspired and focused?

Brigette: Making a difference and disrupting old ideas.

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Where in LA do you live? What about that neighborhood drew you in?

Brigette: I live in Laurel Canyon. It’s a soulful community, which I really discovered after finding our house. It’s a big old beast of a house and we love it.

You’ve said that travel has been a big source of inspiration in your design work. Where will you travel first when you feel comfortable doing so (if you haven’t already)?

Brigette: Yes, that’s very true. It brings a sense of calm and opens one’s eyes to new cultures. I’d love to visit Mexico for vacation with my girls. Then to Greece for inspiration from the colors, the light, the sea and the architecture – I’d hope to return with fresh eyes and new vision that I could express through my work.

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